COVID Committee Meeting

July 29, 2020, 5:00 p.m., OLS Church
Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Dr. Lecheler, Miss Sanderson, Mrs. Sitler, Mrs. Berry, Becci Tucker, Jen Gago

Opening Prayer: Dr. Lecheler

Purpose of Committee: 

  • While following Rusk County Public Health and the Diocese, help guide Mrs. Cormican in the best laid plan to best suit OLS students, staff, and parents while opening the OLS School.

Review of Parent Survey Data:

  • 28 respondents

16 families are okay with face masks to be worn in the school in passing time

  • 10 parents are not ok with face masks and said they would likely not send their children


  • By our next meeting, it will need to be decided if face coverings are recommended or required when physical distancing cannot be maintained
  • 500 masks being sent from FEMA- we are planning on dying all of these OLS blue; some may be tie dyed by the art students
  • No visitors in the school besides essential people. Parents will not be allowed.  The staff will stress the importance of parent/teacher communication via email and phone calls
  • We will need to make signs for the doors stating protocol for visitors
  • Per Miss Sanderson, drop off is already staggered where it shouldn’t be a problem. At pick up the children can be released to go outside when their bus is there and students will be asked to go straight to their ride’s vehicle
  • Move staff meetings to the gym instead of meeting in the conference room
  • If kids are “off their game” health-wise, they will be sent to Kate to address the situation and if needed we will send them to a quarantine area (to be determined) while parents are en route to pick them up
  • It was recommended that we break up orientation into staggered times on Aug. 19.  Staff will be there from noon-7:30 pm.  We could have one orientation meeting around 2pm another one at 5pm.  This might help to break up the amount of people in the church and school at one time
  • See through bottles will be added to the child’s supply list.  If we see an issue with kids forgetting their water bottles at home, a possibility might be to have one parent/classroom assigned to bring a case of water a week. We are also considering bottles at school for those who forget theirs.
  • Since the students will not be able to use the water fountain, a water bottle filler was ordered and should be here prior to school starting
  • New faucets for sinks should be installed prior to school starting

Facilities- Furniture arrangements, sanitation

  • It was recommended that we incorporate a ½ hour at the end of every day to have children help sanitize the classroom. 
  • Another recommendation was to add small spray bottles to student’s list of needed supplies.  They can spray their own seat down at the end of the day.  This will also help the custodians
  • All chairs should be spaced 6 feet apart and facing the same direction
  • It was recommended that books and paper supplies that are shared be quarantined for 3 days before another child is allowed to use the item


  • Our goal is to have our school schedule go on as “normal” 5 days a week


  • Staff is working on a plan for this
  • If needed, per the parent survey, only 4 families do not have access to internet learning.

School Mass:

  • With social distancing, the church is only allowed to have 81 people at one time, if no one is sitting with same household. If we allow 3k-8th grade in mass at the same time, 72 students and 7 staff members will be there.  This will eliminate the possibility of the public attending mass.
    • It was recommended that 3k & 4k do not attend mass and instead ask Father Papi to go into their classrooms once a week

Recess: Procedures

  • It was stressed that students have plenty of time to be active
  • It was recommended that 1 teacher and 1 aide are on recess duty
  • It was recommended that maybe one of the staff members on recess duty could have an organized activity going on while the other staff member watches the other students
  • Students should sanitize while heading out the door to recess and again on their way in from recess
  • The current recess schedule is 3k-3rd grade and then 4th-8th.  We will see how this works
  • It was recommended to add 4 square courts on the playground
  • Rubber balls should be used instead of leather so we are easily able to sanitize them

Lunch: Procedures

  • Assigned seating is required by Public Health for contact tracing
  • A recommendation was made for 3k & 4k eat in their classrooms
  • As of now, the idea is to have K-3 eat and go to recess, a wipe down will be done, and then 4-8 will come into the gym
  • All children will need to sit facing the same direction and 6 feet apart from one another
  • Food will be served to the students per their request

Teacher Training:

  • Diocese will provide Google Classroom training for all teachers
  • The teachers will all need to be on the same page.  More structure will be needed if we need to do distance learning this year.


  • 7:10 p.m.

Next Meeting

  • Wednesday, August 5, 5:00 p.m., in the school gym